Full-size print images in Flare.

If you have pop-up images in your HTML5 output … …you’ll want to ensure that images are displayed in full-size when you click “Print”, and don’t remain thumbnail size. It should look something like this: This is not how Flare works out-of-the box, but fortunately – it’s a quick fix: First, add this Javascript to […]

Lean Technical communication

Write better content with a rubber duck

In software development, rubber ducking is a method of debugging code, where you debug your code by explaining it, line for line, to a rubber duck. By describing what the code is supposed to do, and at the same time observere what the code actually does – discrepancies become apparent. I suggest you use the […]

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Keep it Lean – Become more productive and motivated

This article was originally published in ISTC Communicator, Summer 2016. Lean started in the automotive industry with Toyota’s Production System, but the ideas and principles are universal, and can be applied to any industry. The idea of Lean is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste, thus creating more value for customers with fewer resources. […]


4 signs you are wasting your time as a technical communicator

Are you creating content your users don’t want? Are you creating content your users can’t use? Are you creating content your users can’t find? Are you creating content your users can’t understand? That’s waste!   Want to eliminate waste and focus on value? Keep reading! You could be spending your days creating nothing but garbage without […]

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How to get started with Lean Thinking in Techcomm

Do you want to know more about lean ideas, and how you can start implementing them using your favorite authoring tool? Keep reading! Lean principles These are some of the main principles in lean thinking: Define value from your customers’ perspective Map the value stream for each product that provides that value, and challenge all non-value-adding […]

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Getting Started with Lean Manufacturing Principles

Here’s a collection of videos, articles, books, and courses to help you learn more about lean manufacturing, and help you come up with some great ideas on how to implement lean in the field of technical communication. Enjoy! 🙂 PS. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to use a Kanban TOC  at my TCUK presentation in […]


How to memorize numbers to make online shopping easier

Isn’t it annoying when you’re about to buy something online, only to realize that your credit card is in the other room, and wouldn’t it be nice if you could just remember your card number? Here’s how you can commit a sequence of numbers to memory: Make a list of objects that each represent a number from […]

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Free Tool to Create MadCap Build Logs with Time Stamps

To troubleshoot a complex build process I needed time stamps on each line of the Flare build log. It’s not possible today, but MadCap has created a feature request for it… …and in the meanwhile, I’ve created a tool you can use to generate a log file with time stamps. You can use this tool for any […]

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Free Tool: Automatically Synchronize External Resources in MadCap Flare

In my master Flare project, I like to include PDF-versions of the webhelp targets, so that users can either download the PDF, or read the online help. It’s all built from the same TOC. To keep this up-to-date, the PDFs are built and published to a network folder, and then re-imported to the Flare project using […]