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Setting up a Kanban Board in MadCap Flare

If you’re a fan of using Kanban boards – the simplest way of implementing one in MadCap Flare is to use a TOC. 

Setting up a Kanban TOC in Flare

  1. Create a new TOC and add items corresponding to your workflow (e.g. Backlog, In Writing, etc)
  2. Add topics to your backlog
  3. Work on one topic at a time, moving it along the TOC as you progress

Voilà – you have a simple but complete overview of your topics, and you keep topic administration to a minimum.

Stuff you can do with a Kanban TOC in Flare

Creating a review package

To create a review package, just right-click, for example, the “In review” node and select Send for review:

Creating a review package from a Kanban TOC.
Creating a review package from a Kanban TOC.

When your reviewers open the review package, they’ll see your entire Kanban TOC, but will only be able to edit the topics in the node you chose:

Creating a review PDF

If you apply conditions to the Kanban TOC nodes, you can easily build a special review PDF if you set up the PDF target to include only the “In review” condition.

AUTOMATING reviews with batch builds and a little javascripting

To reduce the administration effort even further, you can set up a nightly webhelp batch build of e.g. the topics that are ready for review, and automatically send an e-mail to your reviewers asking for their feedback. To make it as easy as possible for them to supply comments, you can add a feedback button to your topics (for more info, see Adding a feedback button to your HTML5 output)


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