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Keeping track of your Flare topics in Excel using pivot charts

If you are using file tags to keep track of your topics in Flare (e.g. 01 Created, … , 06 Published), and if you need a way to get a quick visual overview of all your files, keep reading.

Keeping track of file statuses

In the Flare File List, search for *.htm to display all your topic files. Export the list as a CSV file. Import the CSV file to Excel. Create a pivot table, and a pivot chart – showing the number of topics with each file status tag. The chart gives you quick visual overview of where in the production flow your topics are.


This also works great if you’re working in a collaborative environment with several writers producing content. A quick overview like this can help documentation managers, editors, and translators keep track of how much work is coming their way.

(If you have several blank items, like in the chart above, that might indicate that someone’s missed tagging a few topics.)

As a bonus, if you have a Flare project that in turns contains several sub-projects, in separate folders, you could filter the pivot table on the path of each folder to get an overview of the topic statuses in that specific folder, for that specific project.

Keeping track of the activity levels in your team

Another cool pivot chart is the one that shows you the number of files that have been modified each date, it could help you keep an eye on the activity in your team:



Cool, but… how?

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