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Free Tool to Create MadCap Build Logs with Time Stamps

To troubleshoot a complex build process I needed time stamps on each line of the Flare build log. It’s not possible today, but MadCap has created a feature request for it…


…and in the meanwhile, I’ve created a tool you can use to generate a log file with time stamps. You can use this tool for any process – it’s not restricted to the madbuild.exe file.

Creating a log file with time stamps

To create a madbuild log file with time stamps, follow these steps

  1. Create a new .bat file with the following text:
    LogProcessToFile.exe “c:\…\madbuild.exe” “-project “”c:\…\flareproject.flprj”” -target “”mytarget.fltar”””  “C:\…\logfiledirectory” (NOTE the double quotation marks around tha paths in the second argument)
  2. Run the .bat file
  3. Voilà – a log file with time stamps:
    MadCap Logfile with time stamps
    MadCap Logfile with time stamps


LogProcessToFile Parameters

  • The path to the madbuild.exe file, or any other process.
  • The parameters to madbuild.exe, or any other process. You need to use double quotation marks around the paths.
  • The folder in which to put the log file.



Have fun! 🙂

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