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Adding a feedback button to your Flare HTML5 output

Are you looking for instructions on how to add an e-mail feedback button to the toolbar of your MadCap Flare HTML5 output? And would you like a copy of the relevant URL included in the e-mails you get? Keep reading.

Open your Flare project, and follow these steps to add a feedback button to the toolbar:

  1. Go to the Project Explorer > Skins and open the HTML5 skin.
  2. Go to the Toolbar tab and add a new button called (e.g.) Feedback.
  3. Go to the Styles tab and find the sub-node called Toolbar Button > Feedback.
  4. In the Properties section, expand the Event node and add the following Javascript to the node: window.location=’mailto:your@emailhere?subject=<‘ + escape(window.location.href) + ‘>’;
  5. Expand the Background node and set Background Image to (e.g.) feedback.png ().
  6. Save the HTML5 skin and view your HTML5 output.  Here’s an example of the output.

When you click the feedback button, your default e-mail client opens, and the URL of the current page is displayed in the subject field.

Have fun! 🙂

3 Replies to “Adding a feedback button to your Flare HTML5 output

  1. Hi! help! I’ve implemented this but my Flare 9 compilation is reporting a couple of errors:

    CSS Parser: Line: 1. Char: 12. Invalid token (.)
    CSS Parser: Line: 1. Char: 108. Missing identifier (property)

    I don’t know which “.” is invalid or what property might be missing (Flare’s usual brilliant error reporting).

    It works fine and there are no javascript errors on the page but I don’t like my build output to contain warnings/errors/precuations about missing things.

    Any ideas?

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